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High - speed fatigue seal bearing 2018-09-25 09:45:14
The seal of rolling bearings is one of the necessary conditions for simplification, miniaturization and lightening of mechanical equipment. High quality sealed bearings should have better grease retention, dust-proof and low temperature performance, and...
Planar bearings 2018-09-26 23:49:49
Planar bearings are made of self-lubricating resin and have the advantages of quiet and durable. Plain bearings are very simple: two surfaces can move to each other without the help of rolling elements. The rotation of the shaft in the sleeve, the damping...
Technical advantage of water lubricated bearing 2018-09-27 22:19:08
Green environmental protection Lubricated bearing uses water as lubricant, without considering environmental pollution caused by leakage, and has natural environmental advantages. In 2013, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in order to prevent...
Selection of rolling bearings for transmission shaft 2018-09-17 18:07:22
1. load The size, direction, nature and service life of the load are the main basis for selecting the bearing type. (1) choose the bearing type according to the size of the load: (1) the roller bearing's rolling body is a line contact, which can bear...
Ball Mill Rolling Bearing 2018-09-21 21:54:32
The friction torque of ball mill is the result of many factors, including rolling friction, sliding friction, solid friction and viscous resistance of lubricant. Because the rolling bearing is smaller than the sliding bearing in the contact area, so the...
Application of rolling bearing in ball mill 2018-09-22 10:23:26
The ball mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after being crushed. Ball mills are widely used in industrial production. There are many kinds of high fine grinding machines, such as tubular ball mill, rod mill, cement ball mill, superfine...
Thermal analysis of spindle and bearing 2018-09-18 20:10:37
The heat source of spindle system is divided into two types: external heat source and internal heat source. The external heat source mainly refers to the heat transmitted by the surrounding environment through the convection of the air and the...
Pretightening method of spindle bearing 2018-09-19 16:10:44
There are two ways to preload bearings: axial preload and radial preload. For ball bearings, axial preload is usually used only, and the axial preload methods of ball bearings are mainly divided into fixed pressure pre tightening and positioning...
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