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Ball Mill Rolling Bearing

2018-09-21 21:54:32

The friction torque of ball mill is the result of many factors, including rolling friction, sliding friction, solid friction and viscous resistance of lubricant. Because the rolling bearing is smaller than the sliding bearing in the contact area, so the friction and power consumption of the rolling bearing is only 1/9 of the sliding bearing. Therefore, the selection of rolling bearing to replace the sliding bearing has good economic benefits. At the same time, the use of rolling bearings instead of sliding bearings can greatly reduce the number of bearing bearings change, reduce the number of days of ball mill shutdown, thereby greatly improving the economic efficiency of ball mills. Compared with the sliding bearing, it is more convenient for management and maintenance. Because ball mill is a low speed heavy load equipment, the rotor part will generate heat due to rotation and cause axial movement. Therefore, double row self-aligning roller bearing can meet the needs of the football mill.

The transformation of the ball mill needs to transform the feeding end cover, the feed port and the discharge end cover and the discharge port to meet the installation requirements for the bearing. The transformation of the feed end cover and the feed port is as follows: as the hollow shaft of the ball mill is installed on the feeding end cover and the discharge end cover, this means that the bearing is also installed separately. It is necessary to keep the center position of bearing installation unchanged during the process of modification. It is necessary to install the bearing part into the upper position. The installation location sleeve is designed to make the difference. At the same time, the asphalt is sealed by the asphalt at the gap between the feed end cover and the feed port. The seal needs to be completely sealed to avoid any gaps. It leads to leakage, which causes impurities to enter the bearing to affect the service life of the bearing. In order to avoid the overflow of the slurry from the end surface, a sealing groove is designed at the joint surface of the feed end cover and the feed port, and a special sealing ring is installed to seal the seal. Spare parts or parts that are replaced by the transformation will be repaired by the lathe after the repair of the bearing parts, thus reducing the difficulty of transformation. The transformation of the discharge port is also the same as that of the feed port. After rolling into a rolling bearing, it is necessary to add an automatic lubricating unit to automatically add lubricant to the rolling bearing to ensure the service life of the rolling bearing.

However, there is a certain scope of application for the modification of rolling bearings for ball mills. It is suitable for ball mills which run smoothly and have little impact. Therefore, the selection and modification of bearings need to be fully considered in the process of transformation, so as to ensure the rationality of the transformation work.