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Installation Technology of Motor Bearing

2018-09-15 11:16:25

First, during the installation of the motor bearing, we have to prevent the motor bearing raceway, the balls acting to mechanical deformation force is generated, it can be hot oil heating or electromagnetic heating method of installing the motor bearings, which in essence is the use of motor bearings thermal expansion and contraction principle, the motor easily set into the bearing journal; secondly, to ensure that the motor bearing grease in the replacement work environment clean appliance operation, to avoid scratches due to the impurities into the bearing raceway surface generated by the motor, and the motor bearing life is reduced. At the same time, we must pay attention to the motor bearing grease injection amount, or how much will increase the rotation of the motor bearing friction, leading to overheating of the motor into the bearing, the grease oxidation vicious cycle failure; Finally, strengthening lubrication grease use and chain of custody of attention, fieldwork often see the use of grease after opening is not timely cover, let grease contamination of impurities, and by the impurity contamination and grease used to lubricate the bearings go so, bearing greases will contain a large number of mechanical impurities, dust or sand, the life of the bearing severely affected. Thus, use of grease to develop good habits, by opening the lid when, after a closure, to avoid prolonged exposure to grease dirty, moist air is contaminated, the contaminated grease no longer available for the bearings lubricating.