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The Basic Structure Of Rotary Bearing

2018-09-01 10:00:24

NO.1-- single-row four-point contact ball

Single row four point contact ball bearing rotary support consists of two seats, compact structure, light weight, steel ball and four point contact arc raceway, can simultaneously withstand axial force, radial force and tilting moment.Rotary conveyors, welding operators, small and medium sized cranes and excavators can be selected.

N0.2 Single row cross roller type

Single row cross roller rotary support is composed of two seats, compact structure, light weight, high manufacturing precision, small assembly clearance, high requirements for installation accuracy, the roller is 1:1 cross arrangement, capable of bearing axial force, large radial force and tilting torque at the same time.Widely used in lifting transport, construction machinery and military products.

No.3 Double row ball

Double row ball bearing having three rotary race, balls and spacer blocks may be directly discharged into the upper and lower raceway to the stress condition, the same or different arrangements of the upper and lower rows of diameter ball, carrying the upper and lower raceway arc angle are 90 °,can withstand large axial forces and tilting moments.When the axial force is greater than 0.1 times the radial force to be specially designed raceway.Double-row slewing bearing axial and radial dimensions are large, firm structure, particularly suitable to the above average diameter in claim tower cranes, truck cranes and other handling machinery.

No.4 Three row roller type

The three-row roller slewing bearing has three seat rings, the upper and lower raceways are separated from the radial raceways, so that the load of each row of roller can be accurately determined,and can bear various loads at the same time. It is the largest bearing capacity of the above four products. The axle and radial dimensions are relatively large and firmly structured,especially suitable for requirements. Large diameter heavy machinery, such as bucket wheel excavator, wheel crane, marine crane, ladle rotary and large tonnage truck crane and other machinery.

No.5 Ball and column combined type

rotary bearing eccentric ball stud joint, long service life, and also has the advantages roller ball double structure, suitable to withstand large axial load, high overturning moment, and continuous operation life requirements host. Such as power plants, ports open-air material stacker reclaimer machines and other equipment. Slewing ring is not static, we can customize according to customer demand.