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Timken Tapered Roller Bearing 30212 92H50

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Timken Tapered Roller Bearing 30212 92H50

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<!--SG INDICATOR START--><!--SG INDICATOR END--><!--SG INDICATOR START--><!--SG INDICATOR END-->Timken Tapered Roller Bearing 30212 92H50
Description- Model: 30212- Manufacturer: Timken- Additional Part No(S): 30212- Bore: 2.3622"- Component Type:Assembled Bearing- Outside Diameter: 4.3307"- Width: 4-1/4"- Actual Bore (Inch): 4.75- Actual Bore (Metric): 120.65- Actual Outside Diameter (Inch):8.125- Actual Outside Diameter (Metric): 206.375- Actual Width (Inch): 4.25- Actual Width (Metric):107.95- Dynamic Capacity Radial - 1 Row (Ibf): 20400- Dynamic Capacity Radial - 1 Row (N): 90800- Dynamic Capacity Radial - 2 Row (Lbf): 35500- Dynamic Capacity Radial - 2 Row (N): 158000- Housing Corner Radius (Inch): 0.03- Housing Corner Radius (Metric):0.8- Row: Double- Shaft Corner Radius (Inch): 0.13- Shaft Corner Radius (Metric): 3.3- Static Capacity Radial (Lbf): 133000- Static Capacity Radial (N): 593000- Type: Assembled Tapered Roller Bearing- Weight Ea. (Lbs): 30.17- Alternate Part Number: Tim 30212m, Tim 30212m 90km1, Tim30212, 0029097, 1043-040-210
#10108, 10195 (NRN) 09/30/2014


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