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  • Application of rolling bearing in ball mill

    2018-09-22 10:23:26

    The ball mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after being crushed. Ball mills are widely used in industrial production. There are many kinds of high fine grinding machines, such as tubular ball mill, rod mill, cement ball mill, superfine...

  • Ball Mill Rolling Bearing

    2018-09-21 21:54:32

    The friction torque of ball mill is the result of many factors, including rolling friction, sliding friction, solid friction and viscous resistance of lubricant. Because the rolling bearing is smaller than the sliding bearing in the contact area, so the...

  • Pretightening method of spindle bearing

    2018-09-19 16:10:44

    There are two ways to preload bearings: axial preload and radial preload. For ball bearings, axial preload is usually used only, and the axial preload methods of ball bearings are mainly divided into fixed pressure pre tightening and positioning...

  • Thermal analysis of spindle and bearing

    2018-09-18 20:10:37

    The heat source of spindle system is divided into two types: external heat source and internal heat source. The external heat source mainly refers to the heat transmitted by the surrounding environment through the convection of the air and the...

  • Selection of rolling bearings for transmission shaft

    2018-09-17 18:07:22

    1. load The size, direction, nature and service life of the load are the main basis for selecting the bearing type. (1) choose the bearing type according to the size of the load: (1) the roller bearing's rolling body is a line contact, which can bear...

  • Installation Technology of Motor Bearing

    2018-09-15 11:16:25

    First, during the installation of the motor bearing, we have to prevent the motor bearing raceway, the balls acting to mechanical deformation force is generated, it can be hot oil heating or electromagnetic heating method of installing the motor bearings,...

  • Vibrating Screen Bearing

    2018-09-14 17:08:47

    Vibrating screen bearings are mostly used in mine vibration machinery equipment, vibrating screen machinery, vibration motor, is one of the most critical parts of such equipment. The bearing working conditions are very bad, not only the environment...

  • Electromagnetic Bearing

    2018-09-13 17:26:41

    The role of bearings in industry can not be ignored. Mechanical transmission achieves fixed and reduced friction. Other components produce relative motion on the shaft. The effect of bearings is manifested, reducing the friction coefficient and the center...

  • Classification of angular contact ball bearings

    2018-09-12 18:22:40

    Single row angular contact ball bearings have higher ultimate speed, which can bear both radial and axial combined loads and pure axial loads. Their axial load capacity increases with the increase of contact angle. The main series are 70, 72, 73, 718, 719...

  • Pumping Water Guide Bearings

    2018-09-11 20:13:18

    The guide bearings of pump turbines are made of thin oil lubricated adjustable block pasteurized tile lining or barrel type babbit alloy lining structure. The guide bearing adopts a mature structure and should consider the same characteristics in the two...

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