Panhead Electric Start

Electric Start, Belt Drive Converson Kit For Panhead & Knucklehead

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Tired Of Kicking That Panhead Or Knucklehead!!  Install An Electric Starter On It!!
Electric Start For Panhead, Knucklehead Electric Start For Panhead, Knucklehead
Electric Start For Panhead, Knucklehead


Components & Optional Items For This Panhead, Knucklehead Electric Starter Belt Drive Kit Is Listed Below!!

$2,189.00 For This Knuckhead, Panhead Belt Drive, Electric Start Conversion Kit For Panheads & Knuckleheads Shipped To Your Door!!!

Electric Start, & Belt Drive Conversion Kit For Harley Davidson Panhead And Knucklehead!!

Electric Start & Belt Drive Kit for both rigid and swing arm PanHead and KnuckleHead applications.

No longer do you need to change your transmission main shaft or transmission case to a later style with mounting ears for an inner primary cover for your Panhead Or Knucklehead.

Get Rid Of That Noisy Old Oily Chain, The kit mounts directly to your transmission mounting plate as shown in the picture above and includes a 1 1/2" Knucklehead, Panhead belt drive.  Go With The New Clean Open Belt Look, OR With some modifications to your tin primary covers, you can retain that original pan head look!!

Knucklehead / Panhead Belt Drive, Electric Start Conversion Kit Information:

1.4 kw, high torque, gear reduction starter with solenoid in natural finish as shown
Gear box and mounting plates for swingarm and rigid applications
Support brackets and support arms
Closed nose cone, shaft support assembly
Heavy duty battery cable and connectors
Starter motor/solenoid assembly with starter support / torque bracket (mounts your starter solid)!!
1 1/2" Primary Knucklehead / Panhead Belt Drive Assembly for Tapered or Splined shaft, 47 tooth front pulley, 76 tooth rear pulley, insert, nut, washer, belt and guide plate

A Wrap Around Electric Start Oil Tank for Swingarm 1958-1964 & A Hex Oil Tank For Pre 1958 Rigid Panhead and Knucklehead Frame.s Includes brackets, plugs, fittings, and hardware. Sized for use with low profile Odyssey Battery.

Odyssey Low Profile 12 Volt Battery. This dry cell battery produces 545 CCA and fits in Electric Start Oil Tanks shown above. (3.37"x 7"x 5.17")

This Panhead Knucklehead Belt Drive & Electric Start Kit Is Available With The Following Optional Additional Parts:

Remote starter button for Panhead applications!!

 Eliminates all wiring from starter assembly to handlebars. Mounts to transmission case and supports starter assembly. For $55.00!!

Optional, Select Your Remote Transmission Mounted  Panhead Electric Starter Button In The Saddlebag!!

Panhead Electric Starter Button

Panhead Clutch Arms.

Available either as a Mousetrap Stainless Clutch Arm For $125.00(long arm for use with a mousetrap, or foot clutch setup)Or A Shorter Stainless Steel Clutch Arm For $95.00(short arm is used when you have eliminated your mousetrap with an eliminator bracket)!!   Eliminates interference of stock clutch arm with starter assembly.  Can be utilized on rigid or swingarm frames!!                 
Optional, Select Your Panhead Clutch Arm In The Saddlebag!!

Panhead Clutch Arms

 $2,189.00 For This Electric Start & Belt Drive Conversion Kit For Panheads & Knuckleheads Shipped To Your Door!!!

Select From Either A Knucklehead / Panhead Belt Drive, Electric Start Kit For A Spine, Or Tapered Engine Shaft And Other Optional Parts In The Saddlebag!!

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Knucklehead Electric Start, Panhead Electric Starter
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