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Powerhouse Engine 114CID HPM     


Advanced design and manufacturing techniques along with extensive research and development has allowed HPM to produce a unique engine. This engine design scooped up the "Motor of the Year" award from Easyriders® during the V-Twin Expo. HPM has used nothing but the best materials and components available by the most trusted manufacturers in the business. The POWER HOUSE 114 cubic inch engine can safely run at 7300 RPM and deliver smooth, reliable, arm stretching power. Even in a mild state of tune, this behemoth will produce approximately 134 horsepower and 130 foot pounds of torque.

Powerhouse engines are no longer made, and the parts are really hard to come by, All DISCONINUED!!

HPM has incorporated several distinctive features that set this engine apart from the rest. The massive 4 1/4" bore combined with the 4" stroke requires the utmost in power transfer components.  The pistons feature a three-point cylinder contact design that distributes thrust loads more evenly than conventional OEstyle two-point pistons. The side-by-side connecting rods feature offset wrist pin supports to allow the cylinders to stay in-line and still keep the traditional 45" V-Twin look. The one piece crankshaft features a 2" O.D. crank pin that utilizes flat busing type bearings similar to that used in the automotive industry.

To house all of the brute power, crankcases that have a minimum of 1/2" wall thickness are used throughout for superior strength and stability.

Up on the top end MID-USAdesigned high flow cylinder heads machined from billet aluminum and housed the roller rocker arm assemblies in two piece rocker covers machined from billet aluminum.

Powerhouse engines are no longer made, and the parts are really hard to come by, All DISCONINUED!!

Even in a mild state of tune with an S&S Super G carburetor and a set of Cycle Shack 2" O.D. tapered "M"pipes without baffles, this POWER HOUSE 114 will produce approximately 134 horsepower and a 130 foot pounds of torque. Not only will this tear up the pavement on a lightweight motorcycle, it will provide excellent results on long distance touring machines. Fits all Big Twin frames designed for an Evolution style engine. Each engine is shipped in a specially constructed polyethylene shipping container (see Core Charges). Includes Manufacturer's Statement of Origin. U.S. Patent # 5,950,579.

Complete Engine All DISCONINUED!!, less carburetor & charging system with fully polished finish, chrome gear cover and chrome tappet blocks (as shown)

The POLISHED POWER HOUSE 114 has been in development stages for many years and with its patented technology, the POWER HOUSE 114 will be around forever. It even bolts right into your stock '84 and up Evolution frame or a custom frame with no special mounting, no special exhaust, and ready to run. Just add oil. Get your POWER HOUSE 114 today.

Powerhouse engines are no longer made, and the parts are really hard to come by, All DISCONINUED!!

The POWER HOUSE 114ci All DISCONINUED!!is capable of running to 7300 RPM. Imagine going down the highway at 3000 RPM in 5th gear and you come up on a slower moving car; you look ahead and it's clear. Just twist the throttle(forget down shifting) and you blow by them like they're standing still.

In order to achieve these kinds of performance goals, HPM went to the best, to Delkron to build the specialized cases, Carrillo for the connecting rods,   K.B. for the pistons and to Falicon for the heart of the POWER HOUSE114, the forged crankshaft. A marriage of the highest quality parts ultimately blended to produce the best possible results.

To get the kind of smooth, high revving performance desired, this engine was redesigned from the crankshaft on up. The superior design of this one-piece crankshaft provides the rigidity and balance necessary for high RPMs, while its light weight design results in a smooth, faster revving engine. The crankshaft also utilizes a regular pinion roller set-up on the pinion side and Timken rollers on the sprocket shaft side.
Powerhouse 114 From HPM Carrillo Connecting Rods
Attached to the crank, in aside-by-side configuration, is a pair of Carrillo connecting rods that run on plain bearings (automotive style).This contributes to the higher RPMs achieved by the POWER HOUSE 114. What are really special are the rods themselves. With conventional V-Twins, if you ran the rods side-by-side, you would have to offset the cylinders: not with these. These rods are designed with the offset build in, which keeps the cylinders in-line, just like a traditional V-Twin. This in turn keeps everything, including the pistons, centered. The crankshaft is then placed in a special Delkron case with a trap door built into the bottom. The trap door allows you to inspect the bottom end and replace the plain bearings without splitting the cases.(Although typical bearing life is usually in excess of 100,000 miles with proper interval service, namely keeping your oil fresh and clean.

Powerhouse 114 From HPM Pistons               Powerhouse 114 From HPM Under Pistion Cooler

Powerhouse engines are no longer made, and the parts are really hard to come by, All DISCONINUED!!

The development of these pistons was a joint effort between United Engine Systems/K.B. and HPM. A tremendous amount of time and energy went into the development of these very unique pistons. The conventional piston shape (the high spots)had to be expanded on when offsetting the small end of the connecting rod.

The skirt shapes on conventional pistons have 4 high spots and are round. It is not perceptible to the eye, butt he shape of the skirt area on the POWER HOUSE 114's pistons resemble a triangle. This produces a higher amount of stability at low piston speeds to ensure a quiet running engine. With a small offset built into the piston pin boss at higher RPMs, the piston just follows the path of the rod.

To top off the POWER HOUSE 114, HPM uses MID-USA'S own Ultra touch lifters, JIMS roller rocker arms and POWER HOUSE pushrods.
Powerhouse 114 From HPM Oil Pump
Another key component is the patented oil pump. When running plain bearings, you must maintain a given oil pressure. They make 40 psi from idle all the way to wide open throttle. This pump supplies 13% more oil by volume than a conventional pump. What is truly remarkable is that it scavenges(removes) 400% more than it supplies. What is basically done is turn the engine into a true dry sump oiling system. Anyone that has ever had a Big Twin run at high RPMs for an extended period of time knows that normally excessive oil mist blows out of the breather and makes a mess. Oil also builds up in the bottom end, and can and does lead to gasket failure.

By the way, the only gaskets in the POWER HOUSE 114 are the rocker box and cam cover gaskets. The cylinders are completely "O" ringed which do not leak

The POWER HOUSE cam that uses in the production engine makes great horsepower and torque from about 1800 RPM all the way to7250. Torque measures at 100 ft. lbs. from1800 RPM to a peak of 120 ft. lbs. around 3000 RPM and stays to 7000 RPM. The POWER HOUSE114 makes 120 HP from just off idle. It provides 120 horsepower and 120 ft. lbs. torque in a super reliable package. Whether you're a long distance touring rider or blasting around town is more your style, a POWER HOUSE 114 makes reliable power that you can use.

Powerhouse 114 From HPM Ported cylinder Heads    Powerhouse 114 From HPM compression Release
The POWER HOUSE 114 is also equipped with POWER HOUSE CNC ported cylinder heads. These big bore heads are specially designed for this 4.255" bore and 4.00" stroke, 114ci high revving beast. Port design was optimized through extensive dyno testing because above 5000 RPMs things are a lot different. The heads are then topped off with compression releases and billet aluminum rocker boxes.


Powerhouse engines are no longer made, and the parts are really hard to come by, All DISCONINUED!!
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